Day 19

Good list week! Here are some updates:

#58, 20 Runs with Friends (was 1 of 20, now 2 of 20). So my favorite number is 32...want to know what my new least favorite number is? ...58.

#40 Perform in an "Improv Everywhere" mission - DONE! So honestly, this was one of the things I was most excited about, if you have not heard of the group please check out their website. The group is awesome, they are the ones that staged the big "Grand Central Freeze" that was all over the news and on YouTube. Anyway, this past weekend we did their annual "MP3 Experiment." It was one of the most fun and different experiences I have had. Check out the website, there is info and pictures of what we did on Saturday, video to follow : )
#4 Go to Top Ten Tourist Attractions in NYC (now 1 of 10) On my way to the Improv Everywhere mission we had a beautiful picnic in Central Park. This one perfectly proves what the list is all about. I had not been to the park since I was a kid, which is kind of upsetting because it is so nice, and so close. The list gives you motivation for the things that you want to be doing, and are easy to do, you just normally don't : P

#55 BBQ with Friends (was 1 of 50, now 3 of 50). Could not have asked for nicer weather on our Memorial Day Weekend. Monday I had a picni
c/BBQ with my very close friends I met through the theater company (4th Wall Productions) that I work with and now serve on the board. Probably the best parts of the day was after food having a cigar with Jim and having the ice cream truck come by, then playing Quelf the board game. I had never heard of it before, best way to discripe it is a combinations of Kings (the drinking game) and Cranium. I might have to buy it, lol.

#1 Geocaching (was 6 of 132, now 11 of 132). Some hi-lights were 
that I did my first geocaches in New York City, and I did one with two of my close friends Jim and Jake. It was their first, so they are no longer geovirgins, haha. I think I got them hooked :)

#94 Watch all Indiana Jones movies again - DONE. So their are a lot of movie series that I own (Star Wars, Pirates, Leathal Weapon, Godfather, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc) and every time I see them I think to myself "These are great movies, I really need to watch these again," but never do. So this was my first step, and it was a very enjoyable one. And I watched them in order, so I could save the best (Last Crusade) for last. "I told you....DONT call me Junior!"

#95 Eat a food I normally wouldn't eat, or have never eaten (now 1 of 25). For this one I am relying on my good friend Meagan from work. She is an outstanding cook and knows a lot about food. Basically I told her I am in her hands, feed me! Yesterday Meagan, Little Brian, and myself went out for lunch at "Akari Sushi & Japanese Food" here in Poughkeepsie. I had two rolls of sushi, one spicy crab and the other spicy salmon. Now I am not really a fish person, so sushi was never my thing, but I actually really liked the crab! The salmon one was good, but the uncooked fish texture was a little to weird for me. All in all, I enjoyed it...tho I think I would have enjoyed it a little more if it was served like this...