Fun Weekend - Day 11

#7 Camp out at least 15 nights (now 1 of 15). So, I slept in the yard on friday

night. Now I know you are going to say "that's not real camping, it doesn't count!" Well hear me out, I think the story gives me credit. We had people over Friday night and Little Brian and I were on a team playing beer pong. Now, normally we are pretty unstoppable, but this night I was playing awful, forcing Little Brian to carry the team. One game it got so bad Brian said "If we lose this game you are sleeping outside".... and we I did.

#58 Go for 20 runs with a friend (now 1 of 20). So I hear the first one is always the hardest. After work Little Brian and I went for a 2.5 mile run....well be both started the run together anyway. A little over half way I faced reality and told him "I am not going to be able to keep up with can run ahead, I will meet you at home. Now, keep in mind that Brian ran the Boston Marathon a couple years back while I was playing online video games with HeftyButterfly, so finishing the run only a couple minutes behind him was a big accomplishment for me : P