Week One Down

So here is the strategy for the list....I figured worse case scenario there are some things that I can cross off at a moments notice, but others need to be done gradually over. For example, I think it will be easier to jump out of a plane on day 1000 than it would be to donate blood five times, haha.

So, you may not see a lot of crossing out as we start, but you will see me doing a lot of the things I have to do multiple times. Here's the update:

#76 Donate blood, now at 1 of 5. So I made an appointment to donate blood last Tuesday here in Poughkeepsie. It was actually my first time making an appointment and going to donate, every other time was when they come to you (i.e. at school, work, etc). I think that is what the list is all about...stuff that you should and want to do, but you just don't. This forced me to do research, find a place, and drag my butt there. It took 2 hours, but I did 2 bags of platelets and a bag of red blood cells (yes, I know...I didn't think you can donate that much in one sitting either). Learn more here: Platelet Donations.

#1 (now 5 of 132) Found a geocache in the park along the Hudson River on my way to donate blood : )

#70 Bring in coffee and doughnuts for the staff one morning - DONE! As some of you know, I work in the admissions office at Marist College. This time of year is the most important for us, because deposits are due on May 1st. We have to work hard (especially in this economy) to hit our enrolment goals. If we get too many, housing hates us and we have to tripple students, don't get enough and then people don't get paid, lol. Well, I am proud to say we got exactly what we were hoping for, so I got coffee, bagles, and munchkins for the staff to celebrate : )

Win trivia at Hyde Park Brewery. We went last night, did not win....stupid team from the athletic department...