Day 38

#20 Get “Off the Wall” improv to do their first paid gig - DONE! - This is probably the list item I am most proud of thus far. During my junior year of college I spent about 6 months studying abroad in Sydney Australia. There, I studied and performed with Macquarie University's improv group called "MacImpro." Ever since I have returned I have had a strong passion for improv comedy. I have been studying, performing, directing, and teaching improv ever since. This year, with the help of 4th Wall Productions (the theater group in Poughkeepsie that I have worked with over the last several years and now serve on the board), I created "Off the Wall Improv," one of the Hudson Valley's first community improv troupes. Last week we had our first performance and received some OUTSTANDING feedback. The performance was a corporate event where we were hired as the "comedic relief" in between their workshops, lectures, etc. As you can imagine it was a dream come true : ) Couple Shout-outs:

  • Holly - So you never answered, if you were on the dating game with a air condition salesman with narcolepsy, a realtor with complementary tourettes, or a life coach that can only speak in rhyme, who would you chose???
  • Christine - So as you can see from above...when we asked for suggestions of occupations we had to guess, obscure would be an understatement. So you could imagine how funny it was when Christine got stuck with an audience member who could not figure out he was a beekeeper. A BEEKEEPER! Holly figured out Brian and I were firecracker technicians who enjoyed yodeling and you couldn't get BEEKEEPER??? : P
  • Little Brian - So, as I mentioned one game he had to mime yodeling. Probably the highlight of the night was when Brian jumped on top of one of the tables and did his best silent yodeling impression. I never realized how similar that looks to Andy Kaufman's performance of Mighty Mouse.
A very special thank you goes out to 4th Wall Productions, especially Jim and Christine. Without your support this dream of mine would have never come true. Thank you, I love you guys!