Day 47 - MLB 2K9....and other stuff

#72 Get and play MLB 2k9 with Jim - DONE! Ahhh, guy time. There are not many things I can think of that I like better than some good, old-fashion male bonding. Jim and I grabbed some beer and pizza, smoked some cigars, and played video games for the afternoon/evening on Sunday. calls male bonding "bonding between males through shared activities excluding females." Fair says "The formation of a close personal relationship between men. The rituals known as male bonding do not necessarily involve drinking beer together." CLEARLY written by a women, but I think I prefer Wikipedia's definition: "Friendship between men. The expression is sometimes used synonymously with the word camaraderie. Friendships among men are often based on shared activities, instead of emotional sharing, which is more typical of women's friendships." Damn you Wikipedia...I can have emotions too! :(

#1 Find 132 Geocaches (was 14, now 19 of 132) Today I did a quick and easy one on FDR's Estate in Hyde Park with my good friend Katie. It was her first time, and probably not her last....I think she might be hooked : ) Afterwards we went to go see "Year One" at the Roosevelt movie theater. All I have to say, Michael Cera is a comedic genius. The movie was good, but definitely would have been nothing without him. Check out the trailer here.
#95 Eat a food I normally wouldn't eat, or have never eaten (was 1, now 2 of 25) Went out to dinner with some friends last week and we were talking about my list. I remembered this list item, so decided to order the Sesame Crusted Duck Breast Salad - Tender marinated duck breast, grilled then sliced thin and served over spinach with oriental citrus dressing, topped with toasted walnuts. It was delicious, I had never had duck before...thank you #95!