Day 59 - 4th of July!

# 55 BBQ with friends outside 50 times (was 3, now 5 of 50) - So Little Brian and I had a BBQ party for the fourth of July. Let me tell you, if you were not there you missed an amazing time.  Outstanding people, great food, music, bacci, and LOTS of alcohol.  We had a vodka watermelon, and my personal favorite, an American flag made out of jello shots! Another big hit was the music. I spend the ENTIRE day before putting together a playlist of all songs with America, USA, a city or a state mentioned in them....or any song by John Philips Sousa. (i.e. American Woman, Jimi Hendrix's National Anthem, Sweet Home Alabama, Born in the USA, the song from Team America, Living in America, and of course New York, New York). Yes, I will make a CD and send it to you if you want :)