Day 85 - Museums!

#34 - Go to three museums (now 2 of 3) - FIT's Fashion Museum - So as you may know, I run our Summer Pre-College Program here at Marist. The program is for high school juniors and seniors to spend two weeks on campus and take a 3 credit college course. The students live in the dorms, take classes, and get a nice taste of college life while they are still in high school. This year, the Fashion program invited me on one of there trips to NYC. I had the opportunity to tour FIT, and go to their Fashion Museum, "the most fashionable museum in NYC." The main exibit was the work of Isabel Toledo (best know for designing Michelle Obama's dress she wore to the inaguration). It was a lot of fun, and really interesting! Prior to this trip, the only education in fashion I have ever had was a student's college essay about how "wearing black and brown together is a disgrace, and is ruining our society as we know it." But gets better. That sentence (and yes, that is a direct quote) was followed by a foot note. Follow me to the bottom on the page will you? There it read "*Please note: Khaki is not brown." I love my job...

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry - Last Week Megan and I traveled to Chicago for a work conference. The last day's workshops ended around noon, but our flight was not until later that evening. To kill sometime, we decided to explore the Museum of Science and Industry. Now, I am not going to lie, I LOVE science museums...but that was not the main reason we went. For a limited time only they had a special "Harry Potter: the Exhibition" display there. Now before you laugh (too late) it was actually really cool. They had a collection of over 200 authentic artifacts (costumes, props, set pieces, etc) used in the actual movies. Now, Potter fan or not, as a movie buff it was SOOO interesting to see the attention to details on these props and stuff, some of which could not have been on film for more than a couple seconds.

They also had the U-505 Submarine, one of the U-boats captured during WWII. The U-505 is the only German submarine in the United States and is the only Type IX-C U-boat in existence today. It also currently serves as a national memorial to the 55,000 American sailors who gave their lives on the high seas in WWI and WWII.