Day 115 - Masters Degree and Line Dancing

#86 Start my Masters Degree - DONE! Probably the hardest thing on the list (other than going for 20 runs of course). I have been putting off going back to school for a while now, but it is time to buckle down and do it (it's free because I work for Marist, so how could I not). Yesterday I had my first on-line class for my Masters in Information Systems Management degree. I am not going to lie, this is not going to be fun. The only thing good about the first day of school is the new outfit, book bag, and lunch box I bought. Well I need to move on or I will miss my bus. It's just not the same without mom packing my lunch each morning....

#71 Go line dancing with someone
that has never gone - DONE! - Hey, stop your snickering....don't knock it until you try it! One Friday night a couple years ago I went with a group of friends to a place called "Joe's" in New Paltz. I felt like I walked through a vortex of some kind. Never in my 6 years of living in the Hudson Valley did I ever think I would experience what I did that night. Cowboy hats, pickup trucks, boots, tight jeans. The places was PACKED with a huge dance floor and hundreds of people out there all doing these line dances together. Now, for the record, we are not talking square dancing crap...this is line dancing to some awesome country music. So last week, I convinced my co-worker Vince Anthony to join us. He was a little hesitant. Ok, maybe that is an understatement. But by the end of the night (and after a couple beers) he was dancing up a storm right next to us. Once again, the list is all about having an open mind, and at least trying anything one. So who is joining us next week??