Day 127 - Saratoga

#1 Find 132 Geocaches (now 33 of 132) - This is a very late post, I apologize. During the early summer, Brian #3 had an outstanding idea to get a group of us to take a day road-trip to Saratoga to see the horse-races. Because it is so difficult during the summer to find a time where everyone will be around and available, we make sure to make these plans months in advance (and even that didn't work, Brian #2 decided it was a great idea to stand us up and go to urope with his g/f for two weeks instead. Stupid little Brian....). Now even though the racetrack is not on my list, we all thought it would be fun to do a geocache while we were there (and thus provide an excuse for me to blog about it!)

Anyway, we started a email chain to keep everyone on the same page; who was going to bring what, what the day was going to entail, how we were getting there, etc... Let me tell you, those emails were almost as funny as the trip itself. Here is an exert:

Brian #3 - 1 p.m.: POST TIME FOR RACE 1! We can stay for as many races as you feel like staying for. A few things to note though: the Sword Dancer, which is the graded stakes race on the card that day won't be until the 9th or 10th race of the day. [ FUN POLICE ALERT!: Whipping it out and shouting 'EAT THIS, HORSE!' is frowned upon at Saratoga Race Track.]

Brian #1 - So I understand the yelling thing....but how about whipping it out and whispering "hey house, check this out! You can look, but you cant touch...."? Is that acceptable?

Brian #3 - You can, but best be careful. Some of those horses might mistake it for a baby carrot....

Brian #1 - Well played my friend....well played....

Us at the track : )

#1 and #3 missing #2

Brian #1 replacing Brian #2 with a Ryan...(it was close enough, and they are both about the same height)

Picking my winners. There was one horse named Zimmer. I have a friend Bill Zimmer. I put money on Zimmer. Zimmer lost. Stupid Bill...

Us with our free shots at dinner : )

P.s. My friend Melissa has been a great supporter of the list idea, in fact she is currently writing one of her own. So, she inspired me to start the "List O' Meter!" After each post I will give you an update on who was involved in the cross off, and how many list items they have been involved with thus far. Here ya go!

Melissa-2, Brian#3-2, KatieS-1