Day 141 - Win at Trivia

#57 - Win trivia at Hyde Park Brewery - DONE! This list item deserves a special shout-out to Erik, Mullady, Collins, and the rest of the original Hyde Park Trivia crew. During our junior year at Marist one of the local breweries started a "Stump Pub Trivia" night every Thursday night. Now 5 or 6 years later, trivia is going strong and has become one of the more popular weekly things to do in the Hudson Valley. Nor for those of you that know me, I am awful at trivia. In my defense, Albert Einstein once said "Never memorize what you can look up in books." Much like Einstein would do if he were alive today, I go to trivia for the beer. Oh, delicious brewery beer....

Anyway, I have been going to trivia since the beginning. Our team (The Team That Yells "Hey!") normally does fairly well...winning every now and then, and almost always scoring within the top 5. However, we could have not planned it better for the win to cross it off the list. After coming up short the last couple weeks, we decided to call in the reserves. When it comes to trivia, Melissa's sister Rachel is in it to win it. Last thursday she decided to come down and help me get the win for the list (while I enjoyed my usual Rough Rider Red Ale of course). Not only did we get the win, we did it on Keith's one year anniversary of hosting trivia at the brewery! We love Keith, so it was an extra special occasion. : ) P.s. thanks for the green plastic cutlery!

We took our winnings for the night and celebrated with a round of shots for the team, Keith, and the bar tenders.


List 'O Meter:
Melissa - 4, #3 - 3, Katie - 2, Rachel - 1, Keith - 2, Brewery Bartenders - 1.

*Special thanks to those that helped me cross off #83, "get 15 followers!



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