Day 301 - HAPPY HOUR!

#65 - Organize a Happy Hour that EVERYONE from the undergraduate admission staff attends - DONE! This one I knew was going to be tough. Even with a week of planning and a nice long email (with a huge guilt trip) explaining the list, and how hanging out with all of them made it in the top 101 of the most important things to me over the next 3 years, I was not able to get everyone. But hey, it's my list, so if I want to evoke the "It's the thought that counts" rule than it is my blog-given right to do so! Also, in my defense, though we may have lacked one or two co-workers, we were able to get out co-workers husbands, wives, sons, daughters, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even a student-worker alumni to come back and join us. So for that, I am crossing this one off!

On top of a cross off my list, we also used the time to celebrate us completing the first major deadline (Early Action for you admission people out there) and getting about 6,000 decision letters out in the mail that day. It was A LOT of work, but the entire office pulled together as a team, working many LONG hours, and kicked off another outstanding application review season to a good start : )

List 'O Meter:
Melissa - 4, #3 - 3, Katie - 2, Keith - 2, Kelly - 2, Brewery Bartenders - 1, Little Brian - 1, Rachel - 1